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Excel Password Recovery Lastic 1.3

Regain access to Excel books by resetting their passwords
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Excel Password Recovery Lastic is intended to help you regain access to Excel books in the event that you have forgotten the passwords you used. The program has a very straightforward interface and there is not much to do as it even searches for Excel files automatically after you start it.

The program can search for a given location for Excel files, and you can also open a specific book. In both cases, if you click on the name of the desired file, you get a list of all the passwords used for such operations as opening and modifying a book as well as those used to modify a given spreadsheet or a VBA project.

The tool is said to work for any password, regardless of its complexity and length. However, the trial version does not allow cracking passwords longer than three characters. Luckily, the speed of the process does not depend on your machine’s performance, since the protected files are sent to an online server for this purpose. Yet, it seems logical for you to worry about sharing private information with others, even though its developers claim that only the cryptographic data is sent to their servers. In this respect, if you connect through a proxy, you are allowed to enter the necessary information. Finally, it is good to know that it can retrieve passwords from various documents simultaneously.

In a nutshell, Excel Password Recovery Lastic seems to work exactly as it is expected to. It can continue to work smoothly on the background without compromising your system’s performance. Sadly, some Excel versions between 2007 and 2010 are not supported. Similar products are available for Word and Outlook, but you can also buy one that works for all of the tools in the Office suite.

Pedro Castro
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  • Works on various files simultaneously
  • Supports passwords of any length or complexity
  • Low use of system resources


  • Sends information to online servers
  • Does not support some Excel versions
  • The trial version cannot crack long passwords
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